Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a phrase that often leaves people cold – but if you chuck out the jargon and break it down there’s no great mystery.

Our digital services cover three main areas:  Organic search, Paid search and Email marketing. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

What we do

Work with you to understand your market and what your customers need, before selecting a few good quality keywords that will give you the best chance of ranking well, and bringing you genuine, commercially focused visitors.

What we don't do

Promise that we can get you onto the first page of Google, for every keyword that you can think of, the day after tomorrow! You’ve probably heard these claims – which at best will cost a ton of money for no, or short-lived success, and at worst will see Google de-index your site altogether…

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about making sure your website can be found by your target audience. It is a relatively simple formula. You are looking for a phrase, known as a keyword, that has a good amount of monthly traffic (visitors), with low competition and good commercial intent. 

Competition is really measured in two ways. Firstly the amount of other websites trying to attract visitors with these terms, and secondly the budget and resources available to these competitors.

Commercial intent is using a keyword string that will attract the right kind of visitors, who are ready, able, and willing to invest in your service/ product.

Put simply, ranking well on Google means more potential customers coming to your site. When they reach your site we can ensure that the mechanisms are in place to give you the best chance of converting them from visitors to leads and then actual customers. 

This means more business.

The visibility created by SEO lasts for as long as you are ranking. In terms of timescales this means 24 hours a day – imagine the budget you would have to pump into Google Adwords to rank for a phrase 24 hours a day. It is also worth noting that not only are organic listings are seen as more credible, which builds trust in your brand, but they are likely to get a higher click through rate than paid ads.

Firstly we talk to you about your business and customers. This is an in depth look at where they come from, and how and why they do business with you. This is fundamental in understanding how to optimise your site, providing us with information about how people will be searching for your products and services.

Next we create a report on your current rankings, traffic and other search engine criteria to evaluate the performance of your website. This will identify positive and negative aspects of your site and include off site factors such as your backlink profile. A baseline report is always a good start point for any SEO project in determining the direction of any new strategy. We use industry standard SEO tools such as Moz to ensure the accuracy and usefulness of the data we collect.

Once we understand your website and market sector we we develop a strategy which we would advise to be carried out on a monthly basis. SEO is an ongoing never ending process because the moment you stop (and your competitors continue), you will begin to fall behind the competition.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay per click can be an effective marketing method if done properly – the key to success, without doubt being to organise your campaign well. Research, well organised keyword groups, and landing pages optimised for conversion will not only have a greater chance of turning visitors into customers, but will also increase your chance of your ad doing well. Find out more below.

The basic principle is that you create an ad which will be shown each time someone searches for the keywords you have selected. You then pay a fee each time someone clicks on your ad, and therefore lands on your website. This way you only pay per visit to your site.

The cost of a keyword is variable and you bid for it – a bit like an auction.  Price is influenced by a lot of factors, such as how much the highest bidder is willing to pay, how many people are bidding for it and the quality of your campaign.

It’s worth noting that PPC doesn’t have quite the longevity of SEO. However in terms of fast results it smashes it out of the park.

Your ads will be running as soon as the campaign is set up, and because in effect this is just digital advertising you have a huge amount of control over a lot of different elements. This means you can get really specific in terms of targeting, including where in the country you want your ads to show, the time of the day/ week you want them to appear, and devices you want them to show on.  In addition, your ads can be worded in the best possible way to connect with your customers and the call to action visible from the search results – in preparation for the highly optimised landing page they will arrive on. 

Of course there are other ways to use PPC. You can test keywords before committing to an SEO strategy, assess the appetite for a new product/ service, or use remarketing to stay in front of customers who have perhaps found you organically.

We often use PPC in conjunction with SEO, which can have a great many advantages.


We work with you to identify the the keywords you need to be focusing on. We then create well organised campaigns, with compelling adverts and landing pages optimised to convert your visitors. We ensure these ads are only shown in the locations you are targeting, at the optimal time for your customers.

All this, means more efficient use of your budget, especially when you consider that Google rewards well thought out ad campaigns, making your bids more efficient.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is powerful, flexible and cost effective. It allows you to keep in touch with existing customers and prospects alike. Generating new business, repeat business and just reminding people you’re there. Find out more below.

One of the huge wins for email marketing is the quality of data it can provide you with. This makes it a very measurable activity.

Simply by looking at how many customers opened an email and clicked through to your website, gives you a good indication of the success of your campaign. However this is not where the data ends. Looking at which links customers clicked on, can give you an indication of the popularity of different products or services, as well as which clients are interested in what. 

The quantity and quality of this data allows you to develop future campaigns/ interactions with customers in a very targeted way. 

We can help with every aspect of email marketing. From setting up your account, applying your branding, and creating your lists, to linking to your social media, creating content, targeting resends and reporting.

Once your account is set up, with your customer lists imported, and some templates created, we work with you to perfect your messaging. We can then create all the content, which is checked by our professional proof reader and worked into a compelling design. We will also make sure it is pushed to all your social media accounts so that it really works hard for you.

Following this we will send you a report with detailed stats on how many people opened your email, who they were and what they were interested in. We can also arrange follow up emails based on campaign activity, such as resending it to anyone who didn’t open it or a link that was clicked.

In short we can manage your email campaigns from start to finish and if you want to try a few of your own we can give you the training to make that possible.

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